Prime Laminating manufactures an array
of products from retail shelving to radiation
shielded access doors, enclosing some of
the most sophisticated machinery in the world.


Prime Laminating, Inc. specializes in bonding of industrial materials to manufacture products with diverse applications. Prime builds to customer blueprints and specifications, providing unparalleled quality and support. The laminating /bonding process allows us to manipulate dissimilar materials to implement the different characteristics required in an application whether it be weight restrictions, radiation protection, rigidity, flatness or any combination.

Materials Used:

  • Metals (Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Lead)
  • Plastics
  • Plastic and aluminum honeycomb core materials are used for reducing weight and providing strength in laminating applications
  • Wood products
  • Engineered products (High Pressure Laminate, Phenolic, Lab Resin, Solid Surface, Etc)

Machines/Processes Used:

  • CNC Turret Punch - for punching materials to shape and size with holes and other features
  • CNC Brake Press/Manual Brake Press - to bend material to required sizes
  • CNC Router - for cutting non-ferrous materials to shape and size with any added features
  • CNC Machining Center - milling and machining of metals to exact specifications
  • Mechanical Shear - used to cut flat stock material up to 1/8" thick to size
  • Pinch Rollers - used to apply pressure to a laminated part after assembly to insure a solid bond.


  • No minimum / maximum part or order size.

Possible Applications:

Examples of applications that our manufactured parts and assemblies are utilized:

  • X-Ray/CT Scan equipment enclosures - decorative enclosures as well as radiation shielding enclosures
  • Semiconductor Equipment enclosures - decorative enclosures as well as radiation shielding enclosures
  • Outfeed Tables - wear resistant, flat, and dimensionally accurate work surfaces for use on different types of equipment in industry.
  • Architectural Decorative Panels
  • Retail Shelving and Display Applications
  • Radiation Management Applications - Hospital mobile barriers and fixed wall radiation protection applications. Includes lead lined sheetrock, plywood, paneling, etc.
  • Enclosure panels for Aluminum Extrusion Assemblies used in machine guarding, table tops, machine enclosures, etc.
  • Custom Casework - Fabrication of panels, doors, cabinets, etc. where special considerations need to be met such as light weight, flat, dissimilar material construction, radiation protection, fire resistant, etc.
  • Custom Machining - Ability to machine custom shapes and materials or laminations in a 5' x 10' sheet.
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